20th Century Lighting


We have now completed our relocation back to Los Angeles where we began this journey 20 years ago. We look forward to again providing our clientele with a high quality lighting product within the shortest lead times possible. As in the past, We look forward to serving you!

20th Century Lighting offers authentic recreations of interior and exterior wall light sconces, chandeliers and lamps that were originally produced from 1900 through the 1940's. All are classic in design and individually handcrafted to ensure the quality and detail reminiscent of early 20th Century craftsmanship.

Our light fixtures are well suited for those who are renovating 20th Century homes and are frustrated by searching for original vintage fixtures in the style, quality or quantity they require. Your naked eye truly will not be able to distinguish any difference between a 20th Century Lighting fixture and a vintage one. The only difference you will notice is that ours come with new wiring, electrical components and mounting hardware. They are ready to be installed the day you receive them.

Light Fixtures by 20th Century Lighting are also well suited for new construction where the warmth, charm and character of 20th Century design is to be carried forward into the 21st Century. With a selection of ten Finish Options , each sconce can be personally adapted to just about every interior design.

We invite you to view our on-line catalog and see the wide variety of  styles in our current collection, which currently includes over 200 sconces, chandeliers and lamps.  To view 20th Century Lighting extensive collection of lighting simply  click the  index page for either  sconces, chandeliers or lamps below. Please be sure to bookmark our website so you can return to view the frequent additions of new  models.