Fixture Installation Instructions F

1. Attach crossbar ("B") to the electrical box using the screws ("A") supplied with the electrical box 

2. Screw the threaded pipe ("C") securely into the crossbar ("B"), leaving approximately 114" of the threaded pipe ("C") protruding when the fixture canopy ("E") is placed flush up against the ceiling. With your plyers tighten the nut ("D") on the threaded pipe ("C") tight against the crossbar bracket ("B").

3. Loosen the threaded collar ("G") from the loop ("F") and let it slide down the fixture chain ("H"). Then slip the fixture canopy ("E") over the loop ("F") and let it also slide down the fixture chain ("H"). 

4. Holding the fixture and chain close to the electrical box, slip the fixture wires through the threaded pipe ("C") and connect the fixture wires to the house wiring. If your fixture has a bare ground wire, connect it as appropriate for your house wiring (see other side of this sheet for those instructions). Note: Steps 4 - 8 usually requires two people- one to hold the fixture & one to make the connections.

5. Push all excess wire up into the ceiling electrical box through the threaded pipe ("C").

6. Screw the loop ("F") onto the threaded pipe ("C"). Rotate the fixture with the turning of the loop ("F") so as to aviod kinking in the chain.

7. Now slide the fixture canopy ("E") up the chain and over the loop ("F") so it fits flush against the ceiling. Adjust the loop ("F") by rotating it so that the threaded section of loop ("F") protrudes down from the canopy approximately 3/8".

8. Finally, slide the threaded collar ("G") up the chain and screw onto loop ("F") until it holds the fixture canopy ("E") firmly in place.