Fixture Installation Instructions A

1. Firmly attach bracket ("B") to the electrical box using the screws ("A") supplied with the electrical box.  

2. Remove the mounting nut ("D") from the short length of threaded pipe ("C").

3. Screw the threaded pipe ("C") securely into the crossbar bracket, usually about 1/4". Be sure that the pipe does not extend too far from the wall - you willnot be able to snugly mount the fixture if it does.

4. Holding the fixture close to the electrical box, connectthe fixture wires to the house wiring.  If your fixture has a bare ground wire, connect it as appropriate for your house wiring (Click here for those instructions).

5. Slip the center hole of the fixture over the threaded pipe ("C").

6. Finally, screw the mounting nut ("D") onto the threaded pipe ("C") until the fixture fits snugly to the wall.