Fixture Installation Instructions B

1. Firmly attach the rotational two-crossbar bracket ("B") to the electrical box using the screws ("A") supplied with the electrical box. Note that the screws ("A") go through the crossbar with the slotted openings  

2. Rotate the moveable crossbar to the horizontal position.

3. Holding the fixture close to the electrical box, connect the fixture wires to the house wiring. If your fixture has a bare ground wire, connect it as appropriate for your house wiring (Click here for those instructions).

4. Align the two screw holes in the fixture with the two threaded screw holes in the movable crossbar.

5. Finally, screw each of the two mounting screws ("C") through its respective screw hole in the fixture into its respective threaded screw hole in the movable crossbar. Tighten the screws until the fixture fits loosely up to the wall. Do a final alignment of the fixture and then tighten the screws until the fixture is tight up against the wall.